Close your eyes. Imagine that you're transported to a paradise beach, with crystal clear water, smooth dunes and cliffs with incredible views. The coast, fringed with palm trees, meets the calm pristine turquoise waters. Imagine miles of sun-kissed powder-white beaches where the year-round warm and dry climate is caressed by a gentle tropical breeze to create an atmosphere like no other place.
Can you feel it?
Now visualize yourself in that idyllic paradise. Sun feels great in your skin. The smooth sand caresses your feet and the fresh air fills your lungs with every breath. What a feeling. But something is missing. What would you be wearing?
beachesBOMBĀ Founded with a vision to make the beach more stylish than ever.
Our mission is create fashion-forward swimsuit are innovative, trendy, sexy designs that draw all the attention in the beaches on you, Actually we'll make you a stylishbomb walking on the beach or wherever you go with our swimsuit šŸ˜‰
Our story begins with big passion for ocean and fashion.
In this ideal situation, a man had a revelation. His love for the ocean, the sun and fashion made him turn this dream into something tangible. Something addressed to every woman in the world with which they could feel blended with paradise, with nature. With which they could feel more unique, sexy and stylishĀ .
Sent from the sea and born on the shores of Israel.
Our founder SJ, was always aware of the relationship between humans and the environment. And really fell in love with the ocean, heā€™s actually live and breath this every day. The inspiration came to him after a trip through all the magical and amazing islands of thailand. the idea to create a brand that will give you maximum visibility on the beach, and wherever you wear BeachesBomb swimsuit you will get all the eyes on you!
He made sure our products are going to blow your social networks when you upload a pic with our swimsuits and show how trendy and sexy you are!
SJ carefully supervises the production in every design and design with our incredible team of designers, to guarantee the best product is delivered to our sexiest women of the world.
beachesBOMBĀ stands out for their sexy-trendy designs, inspired by the most paradisiacal beaches and the most exotic places, and is aimed at the most demanding women who are looking for something sophisticated and unique. For those irreverent women with an attitude, who seek to be fearless, shameless, uninhibited, sexier than ever,trendy, leading the fashion of swimwear and loving all the looks towards them, BeachesBomb bikinis is definitely your place.
see ya babes !